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Sudha Fertility Centre

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Sudha Fertility Centre

Welcome to Sudha Hospitals

As Maxim Gorky put it right, only mothers can think of the future - because they give birth to it in their children. Every New Birth gives new lease of life to many especially to moms for the lineage they carry along. We at Sudha Hospitals are very particular in nurturing the experience of motherhood to as many in the region. It is these people who created the good will to our hospitals in the community and in the society with umbilical cord relationship. Welcome to Sudha Hospitals.

Dr.Dhanabagyam founded Sudha Hospitals in the year 1998 with the penchant of serving the society of kongu region. Ever since its inception, Sudha Hospitals cares for women who long for family lineage not in the region but also from the neighbouring states and Countries as well. As patients see the result they become the ambassador for the hospital and as they vouch for the success rate, patients base keep increasing and now on an average Sudha Hospitals sees close to 2000 new births every year.

The reach has been widened exponentially, it attracts many foreign patients from Srilanka, Malasia, Singapore, Maldives, Gulf countries, UK, Canada and Europian Countries etc.for its sheer result and cost effective treatment. In a span of 2 decades Sudha Hospitals had begun its service in Coimbatore also.

Vision:To provide world class Fertility Treatment in a cost effective way, thus establishing an institution account for result.

Success Stories
  • Every month free medical camps
  • Regular conferences & workshops conducted under the aegis Sudha Test Tube Baby Center
  • Test Tube Babies Born to couples aged over 55 years
  • 64 IVF babies in single cycle
  • 24 Test Tube Babies born in a single day
  • 40,000 Laparoscopic surgeries
  • 60000 infertile couples provided with consultation
  • Produced First Test Tube baby at Erode
  • More than 10000 Test Tube Babies born so far
  • More than 20,000 Babies born through IUI
  • Baby to a Paraplegic Patient (Having Senseless Lower Body) through TESA / PESA method
  • Child born to Woman without Uterus ( suffering from MRKH syndrome)
  • Child born to a Woman undergone family planning operation( Tubectomy) , naturally after recanalization procedure
  • Ensure consistently high Success Rate in IVF treatment
  • Regular Participation in Internation Conference on IVF, updating with latest techniques
  • Team of eminent docotrs, well trained technical staff, state of the art IVF Lab, hi - tech Labour Room, state of the art Operation Theatre, hi - tech Intensive critical care Unit
  • Accommodation for In - Patients at all ranges, round the clock medical care