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Sudha Hospitals and IVF centre in Erode, Tamil Nadu

Science and technology have evolved rapidly in the past few years. In Vitro Fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF technology is one such beautiful creation of science and is a form of artificial fertilization method. Sudha IVF Hospital in Erode is considered to be one of the best IVF Centers in Tamil Nadu. They have an excellent staff of medical professionals and counsellors who believe in providing the best fertility services to their patients. Sudha IVF Center in Erode was established in the year 1990, and since then the team has reached new heights of success. This fertility hospital provides world-class infrastructure and evidence-based treatment for infertility, making the dream of parenthood come alive for thousands of couples.

Fertility centres and IVF in Erode provide services related to artificial fertilization that can be done by numerous methods such as IUI, ICSI, IVF using donor sperm, IVF using donor eggs, etc. Sudha Fertility Hospital in Erode aims at discovering the possible approaches to treat infertility and witness the power of uncompromised excellence. With a high success rate and trustworthiness with its patients, Sudha Fertility Centre in Erode consists of highly experienced medical staff and advanced technology equipment, making fertility in Erode better and improving the reproductive health of individuals. Their team of embryologists and medical counsellors have experience of over 30 years of expertise in the field of infertility and reproductive medicines. The joy of becoming a parent is a right of every individual and one should not be kept away from it. Hence, Sudha Hospitals and IVF centres believe in spreading the joy of parenthood, especially to the mothers who give birth to a new life.

Facilities and services provided at Sudha Hospital, Erode

This hospital delivers the best fertility services and IVF treatment to individuals who suffer from infertility. The process of IVF can be quite challenging and stressful for both the parents hence, they believe in complete transparency between the doctors and the patients which is why they discuss and explain the entire process briefly to avoid any confusion and anxiety. In addition to this, these are the following facilities available at NABH accredited.

  • 30 NICU and pediatric beds
  • 30 Intensive Care Unit (ICUs) beds
  • 7 modular Operation Theatres (OTs)
  • 24x7 working laboratories and pharmacies
  • Gastro-Lapro surgery and gastroenterology
  • Department of gynaecology and obstetric (IVF/ ICSI/ PESA/ TESA)
  • Oncology and Urology/ Nephrology department
  • Cardiology department equipped with surgery intensive cardiac and cath lab
  • Endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and colonoscopy facilities
  • Ultrasound/ 4D scans
  • Echo Cardiogram/ Treadmill
  • CT scan, Digital X-ray services
  • Dentistry/ ENT department
  • Pulmonology and endocrinology
  • General surgery diabetology facilities/ general medicine
  • Neurosurgery and neurology
  • 300 overall beds in the hospital

Sudha Hospitals is a chain of fertility centres that ensure a high success rate in their IVF treatment and round-the-clock medical care for all its patients throughout the treatment. Sudha Hospitals in Erode produced the first-ever test-tube baby in the city and has since then delivered approximately 50,000 test-tube babies to couples who had lost all hopes after multiple IVF failures. One of the hallmarks of Sudha IVF centre and fertility hospital is that they never give up on any couple which is what enabled them to deliver a healthy child to a paraplegic patient via the PESA method, as well as to a woman suffering from MRKH syndrome, having no uterus.

This hospital also has a record of delivering 24 test tube babies in a single day – which speaks highly of their achievements as a successful fertility centre. Sudha Hospitals has so far delivered more than 30,000 babies via the IUI method and has helped over 2,00,000 infertile couples with proper consultation by an experienced staff of medical counsellors. The team has successfully performed around 40,000 laparoscopic surgeries. Apart from this, they also arrange free medical camps every month spreading awareness about IVF treatments and reproductive health.

#181, Perundurai Road, Erode 638 011

+91 9965567007



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