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Family way is really an experience. Unlike other treatment modalities fertility care requires a careful approach while treating the couple. Most importantly consistency plays a major role in achieving success, as many of the couples give up their treatment on the verge of achieving it and hence it is advisable to take a thorough counselling. Though the modern day couples are knowledgeable, still they have stymie over unprotected intercourse at the right timing, owing to lifestyle modifications, demanding work nature, stressful situation. Apart from initial marital counseling it requires a good level of observation about the couple.

Ovulation in female, motility and sperm count in male are the defining factor for fertility, there are other unsaid reasons make infertility. Couples who have unprotected intercourse for a year and still find difficulty in conceiving need to consult expert. As the age grows, intensity of the problem grows.

For the convenience of understanding the reproduction process we classify through ages.

Age Group

In women, the best ovulation period is between 20 and 25 by age. The likelihood of achieving pregnancy is very high in this age and would normal to become pregnant. However it is advisable to consult the doctor if one is not able to achieve pregnancy in a six months span.

Age Group

Age more than 25 will normally see a stagnancy in ovulation and also it will not see downward either. When one reaches 30 there are other causes like fibroid formation, decline in ovum production for infertility.

Age Group

Fibroids are quite common in the age group of 30 and beyond, which can become a hindrance to positive pregnancy.

Age Group

The likelihood of pregnancy is low from the age of 35. Reasons being quality of the eggs, chances to attain menopause is high, and other biological reasons make these age group potential patients. However with right diagnosis and constant pursuit pregnancy is possible.